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We often hear from our clients as they recount their experiences traveling with us in Europe or Asia. It is gratifying to know that we have created a worthwhile tour experience and that our professional guides and drivers have performed so well.








…the opinion of an important veterans leader, Glen Lytle former President of the National Timberwolves Association (104th Infantry Division)

I have put together seven European tours for the 104th Infantry Division Timberwolves, and I have dealt with a number of different travel companies and tour directors. Some of the travel companies handled the tours adequately and some created situations that left me thinking that I had better look elsewhere for tour assistance. In 1997, we were introduced to Patrick Hinchy as our tour director. The tour went well and everyone on the tour was very pleased with the tour in general, with special praise going to our tour director. We found that Patrick Hinchy is extremely knowledgeable on WWII history, as well as European history. In addition, he has a pleasing personality; he is especially adept at handling any adverse or challenging situation that comes along; he really does his homework on the pre-tour arrangements; and he is flexible, accommodating as many requests as possible. In 1999 Patrick Hinchy was not available to direct the tour. Although the tour went quite well, it was lacking the personal touch that Patrick would have provided. In planning the last three tours 2001, 2003, and 2004 we have used MilSpec Tours, operated by Butch Sincock in the Philadelphia area. In each case, it was with the understanding that our tour director would be Patrick Hinchy. These three tours have been the best, and the participants have been most complimentary. Due to the “older” age of most participants, the pace has slowed somewhat. About the only complaints I have received pertain to the length of the days’ activities. Patrick has taken this into account and now plans earlier returns to the hotel and earlier dinners, so that there is more time for resting and sleeping. In addition, the problem has also been alleviated by scheduling the tour so that, in general, we stay in each hotel for at least two nights and sometime three or four. MilSpec Tours with Patrick Hinchy take immense care in making arrangements for lodging, food, receptions, etc. The results are obvious, as the hotels and the many people involved in receiving us have been well prepared and remarkably hospitable. My work with both Butch and Patrick has been a distinct pleasure and a highlight in my service as Secretary-Treasurer and CEO of the National Timberwolf Association over the past 13 years. Butch and Patrick, I thank you for your great help and support!”

Glen E. Lytle
National Timberwolf Association

Since Mr. Lytle wrote the above letter we have been privileged to operate tours for the 104th Infantry Division Association in 2006, 2008 and 2011. Another tour by the ‘Timberwolf Pups’ is planned for 2015. The most recent tour was an exciting combination of Vets, their children and even grandchildren. Indeed, we had two sets of three generations on the tour, all of whom had a meaningful experience. Here are a few excerpts from their thank you letters to us.

“I don’t see how this trip could be topped. Wondeful people on the trip and the reception everywhere was sincere and enthusiastic.”
JG, Virginia • 104th Infantry Division Tour

“Patrick is excellent. He moves mountains and handles every sitution that comes up. This year the most memorable event has to be the ceremonies at the American cemeteries.”

RM, Pennsylvania • 104th Infantry Division Tour

“This was my first & will be the last tour since I fulfilled the dream of revisiting the places I served in during my WWII experience.”

AK, Michigan • 104th Infantry Division Tour

“Sarah: I wish to thank you very much for your efforts to get me on the tour. It was 3 times better than I expected. I can’t think of a thing that would improve the trip…”

JJ, Minnesota • 104th Infantry Division Tour

“The organization – time well spent – the events planned with the local groups. I enjoyed everybody on the trip. The historic places we were able to attend with great guides along with Patrick. I was left with some wonderful memories that tied into my dad’s experiences.”

MS, Illinois • 104th Infantry Division Tour

“The tour was designed to include everything I would have wanted. Everyone I talked to would like to do this next year. ’09 will be the 65th Anniversary of our liberating Holland. I’d like to see it worked out.”

RH, Pennsylvania • 104th Infantry Division Tour


And now comments from additional individual travelers

“Never been on a tour like this one. Really enjoyed it.”

J Barnes • Vietnam History Tour

“I was very impressed wth the organization of the trip…This trip was a “Homecoming” for me and other members of the tour group. We definitely would recommend Milspec Tour and already have…”

R & B H. Gainesville, Florida •  Vietnam History Tour

“Everyone had a great time in Vietnam. Many memorable times were had. I want to commend our three tour guides….Binh, Minh and Triet. not only were they very firendly and informative, but they all went out of their way to make sure our every need was met.”

F. J., Carlsbad, California • Custom Vietnam Tour

“It was a very enjoyable time, well planned out and Patrick Hinchy and Sarah Krause were excellent.”

AB, Charleston, Tennessee •  Association of Restorers British Study Program

“The trip went well thanks to your diligent effort. I feel confident that the Airborne Adventurers really enjoyed themselves.”
JQ, Montville, New Jersey • 17th Airborne Division European Tour

“Just wanted to finally report to you on our trip. We had a wonderful time! Thank you for getting us on the right track and with such short notice. You definitely do your job very well.”

R & J McA. •  Custom Vietnam Tour

“Hello from Hoi An, Butch. Just a quick note to thank you and your team (especially Sarah) for the arrangements you made for the Tomahawk Alpha gang. The pre-trip service was excellent and everything on the trip went swimmingly right down to the most minuyte detail. Tano, our guide and Tam, our driver were both fantastic. At least one of the guys is interested in trying to get up some interest to do this again in 2010 with spouses…we would certainly wish to use Milspec’s services again.”
B.L. BC, Canada • Custom Vietnam Tour

“I want to thank you again – – most sincerely – – for the tremendous job that you did in putting the package together. The tour in itself was a masterpiece…”
WHT, Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina • England & Normandy WWII Tour

“I want to thank you (addressed to our Vietnamese Tour Guide) for the extremely enjoyable tour you provided. The extra time you spent each night researching the sights and locations we requested will be appreciated forever. Every wish we presented to you was met with welcomed excitement and delivered perfectly.  You found locations that had been long forgotten. The Chinese memorial in Bien Hoa and the runway in Lai Khe immediately come to mind as examples of your diligence.”

BB, Ohio • Custom Vietnam Tour

“I have been on bus tours in the USA, Canada, Europe and Africa, but I have never been on a better planned or well organized tour as the one by your company. It was the most unique and enjoyable tour I have ever been on. Thank you very much, it is something I shall always cherish and remember.”

WHL & family (5 members, 3 generations), Kernersville, North Carolina • 79th Division European Tour

“That was my 5th trip to Europe and as far as I am concerned, that one is the all around best. I learned more and saw more than any other trip. My son really enjoyed the trip even though this was his first trip. He wants to go again.”
O McL, Demolous, Alabama • 94th Division European Tour

“Due to your research and planning, we had the most amazing time I can possibly imagine.”

KH, New York, New York • Crossroads of Vietnam II

“The trip was unique. It was a complex puzzle of 31 people, a variety of objectives and 1,000 miles of travel. …It was quite good. An interesting combination of humanitarian, Military and touristy components.”

J. K., New York • Crossroads of Vietnam Tour II

“This was my first trip to Asia and travelling with men and women who’d been there before added immedsurably to the experience. I’m still amazed at how smoothly things went and how much was fitted into the time allowed…Please put me on yoru mailing list for additional tours. Thanks.”

E. H., New York •  Crossroads of Vietnam II

“I felt this was a very good tour & I enjoyed it very much.

CT, Pueblo, Colorado • 4th & 25th Divisions Vietnam Tour

“Excellent! The days were very well planned and the daily trips were interesting. I loved hearing the veterans’ memories. It was great. ­ I’d recommend it to anyone (and have!)”
JP, Manahawkin, New Jersey • 100th Infantry Division Europe Tour

“Well planned, interesting locations. Covered my areas of interest very well. Very enjoyable trip.”
RH, Gouldsboro, Pennsylvania • 25th Division Vietnam Tour

“Hotels were excellent, much better than expected.”
RB, New York • Crossroads of Vietnam Tour II

“I just returned from your III Corps Tour and could not be happier. All our pre-tour arrangements and advice made everything easy. …But most importantly, I did not go as a tourist but as a veteran returning to old war places. That is what you provide. it was good, it was fascinating, and it was healing. Vietnam is at peace and that helped me to peace. Furthermore, my wife, who also went, agrees.”

AH, New Jersey • III Corps Tour

“Our trip was far from primitive. …Wait till she sees the hotels!!!! They put ours to shame. I took pictures of some of the rooms, and they were quite beautiful. I would go on the trip again.”

SB, Georgia • Panorama of Vietnam